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Before You Book

Verify your insurance with The Lactation Network


 At the time of booking you will be required to give a credit card to confirm your appointment, you will not be charged at this time.




All visits will include the following:

- Breastfeeding session: we will practice pillow positioning and latch techniques.

- We will weigh baby before and after to see how much milk baby transferred. 

- If time allows, we can asses pumping and flange size. 

- We will talk through a plan to help meet your goals.

- Following the visit you will receive a detailed plan of care and a super bill.




A travel fee may be applied if you are more than 5 miles for our office. (outside of the blue circle)

Pink circle = 5-10 miles ($15 travel fee)

Red circle = 11-20 miles ($30 travel fee)

Yellow circle = 21-30 miles ($50 travel fee)

more than 30 miles ($65 travel fee)

Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 2.43.46 PM.png


1 Prenatal Visit

1 Initial Postpartum Visit

1 Follow up Visit 

1 Initial Postpartum Visit

2 Follow up Visits

1 Prenatal Visit

1 Initial Postpartum Visit

2 Follow up Visits 

3 Follow up Visits

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